Your entire club in an on-line community

Match Stats and Leaderboards

Stats from each match are logged and displayed in the app. Check the Leader boards to see where you rank by stat category, position, age group, etc.

Track your training

View and report your progress on training activities assigned by your coach.


Communicate with your team, post highlight videos, comment on posts, follow other athletes,
and more.

Schedules, locations, maps and more

See who you play next, where and when the tournament or match starts and tap the address to launch Google maps for turn-by-turn directions to get there.

Training video Library

Improve your physical, mental,
tactical and technical areas of
your skill set with powerful and
motivating videos from Coach.
Reed Carlson, Club Owner, and
three-time State Champion

Be found and followed
by college recruiters

College coaches can find and follow your training and competition stats to help you get recruited to play at the collegiate level.

Make Club Fee Payments from the App

Secure transactions are set-up and paid by parents or athletes from within the SportGrit Volleyball app and set to auto-pay monthly until balance is paid in full.


If your club or school uses the SportGrit Volleyball App, this is for you

...and your parents, grandparents, extended family, and friends

download from the App Store or Google Play

  • -Stats and leader boards
  • -Team and Player photos and info
  • -Match and tournament schedules, locations and maps to guide you there
  • -Training assignments and reports
  • -Training Video Library
  • -Player highlights shared on social feeds and posts
  • and much more
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